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Kivi Tourism Farm

Kivi Farm is situated in Aaviku village in the parish of Rae, Harjumaa. The farm is located 15 kilometres of the centre of Tallinn. It is a private and a serene place, which offers opportunities for active vacation. Vaskjala reservoir, a place for swimming is only 5 minutes by bicycle from the farm house. (B = 59deg 21min 08sec; L = 25deg 54min 53sec)

RL KiviTalu Plc was founded in 2002 from the country home of the family of Uukkivi. The name of the farm was derived from its postal address.


The logo of Kivi Farm

Kivi Farm has successfully participated in property maintenance competitions. It has been awarded the first place in the competition of Rae parish in 1999 and also in the national competition among the country homes of Harjumaa in 2000. The patron of the competition was President Lennart Meri.

RL KiviTalu Plc engages in the following area of activity:

  • Farm tourism
  • Livestock-farming
  • Sallow thorn cultivation
  • Repairs and rental of machines

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