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Farm tourism

Today’s rapid life tempo makes it difficult for people to find time and place for active vacation. They would want to spend their free time as close to their homes but, at the same time, privately and away from environmental noise. Kivi Farm is a perfect place for such a vacation - although it is situated in the proximity of Tallinn, it has a secluded location.

The main area of activity of Kivi Farm is farm tourism. In addition to typical rural tourism, it offers possibilities for a variety of sports activities. The farm boasts sports grounds and it also offers cars, bicycles and online-skates for rent. Vaskjala reservoir, a place for swimming is 5 minutes by bicycle from the farm.

People, who are open to new and interesting things, can rent a sauna/bar bus or experience an energy pyramid in Kivi Farm

The farm offers the Internet connection to mobile people.

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